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Poetry and The Self

Let’s finally get into the relationship between the self and poetry. The writing experience is immersive and revealing because I write from my life experiences and give myself room to be vulnerable. I write about those I care about; those I feel connected with, even on a superficial level, because poetry allows me to explore that connection. The same goes for nature. Poetry is a meditative practice for me, and, when I feel lost, I am blessed to have an outlet with which to find myself. Ask yourself the questions that confound you and poetry will help you find the answer. I’ll try to reveal why poetry is meditative, revealing and immersive for those that don’t have the same experience.

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Writing poetry is an enriching experience because the world is so filled with opportunities to grow. Building self awareness is key here because you begin to realize how the world around you affects you. Self awareness is important as it is a tool in  reconciling with your emotions and thoughts. It’s why poetry is such a great hobby for solving deep seated emotional stress; you ask yourself why you’re feeling some way and go through the steps necessary to solve the issue instead of feeling stagnant. In this way, self awareness has close ties with self compassion; another tool strengthened by poetry. You learn, through the success of writing your next masterpiece, that you are worth something.
















I want you to develop a relationship with the audience. You’ll grow, learn and benefit from having an audience in mind as you write, and, with enough time, you’ll build a mental filter that accounts for the quality of your poetry. Of course, to write quality poetry, you might want to find a quality audience.

How is this relevant to you as a person? Having an audience can improve self confidence by surrounding you with people that have an interest in what you have to say. Poetry is a beautiful way of communicating to the world your desires, pains, joys and perspectives. Having such a platform helps you find direction as you experiment with different styles, forms and devices. I highly recommend writing for the audience. I write more in depth about writing for the audience here: https://readyourselfpoetry.com/how-to-write-poetry/


As you write poem after poem, your mind will develop into one that questions, thinks critically and self reflects without noticing. It’s a habit that is fostered through reading and writing. Of course, we all have different ways of thinking, but poetry can still help the meditative. You might have questions such as “What is happiness to me?” or “What does success look like for me?”. My question has always been “What is beauty, and where can I find it? How can I describe it in a way that will help others understand and appreciate what I see?”

The key to answering such questions is creativity and focus; find an experience that epitomizes your thoughts and emotions, then focus your words on the theme you set. Exploring yourself is about building relationships between you and the outside world, then turning the ideas that surface from your life into poetry.




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4 thoughts on “Poetry and The Self

  1. I found this post to be an interesting read.   I enjoy practicing daily meditation and I learned from your post that meditation can be linked with writing poetry.  I agree with the comments made about developing a relationship with your audience and nurturing this.   I will take a further look at more of the content on your site as it sounds inspiring.

    1. Yes, I find that the effects of meditation help with the writing of poetry, especially when it comes to finding inspiration and staying focused.

  2. I can’t call myself a poet because I don’t feel like it fits my narrative but I have been writing poetry since I was 15. And as well as you, I have poured some of my most painful and overwhelming life experiences. I’ve tried to incorporate different scenarios that don’t necessary revolve around my life but I still find comfort in those. Poetry is where I go to escape whenever reality starts messing my mental health on a dangerous way. 

    1. I wrote a poem about my brother and his scoliosis; I was 15 at the time. I cried while writing it xD The last poem that made me feel any emotion other than pride… or disappointment is one about a tiger feeling guilt about its role as a predator. 

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