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Welcome to my website! This is where I share my passion for poetry by teaching others how to write better poems! Read on for literary devices, creative advice, writing techniques and even interpretations of famous poets!

Writing helped evolve my perception of the world around me; it taught me how to think critically and provided me with an outlet to explore and express my thoughts and feelings.

I want to provide that same outlet to the rest of the world through this website. I experience a lot of joy when people read my writing and I want to share that with the world.

I started writing at the age of 13, when my teachers helped me discover my natural gift for writing. I wrote essays, short stories and, of course, poetry. The latter became my favorite form of writing because I could express myself briefly yet fully in just a few lines of writing, and I felt that, in itself, was beautiful. The form was flexible and I was well suited for it. Now I have the opportunity to share this skill with all of you!


Email me at callithepoet@readyourselfpoetry.com







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2 thoughts on “About Me – Branden Navedo

  1. What a wonderful website and thank you for sharing with us a little bit about yourself Branden. While I myself love to do some creative writing from time to time I’ve never been particularly good at writing poetry although I do enjoy reading it. As you mentioned it’s a wonderful way to express your thoughts and feelings. That’s why poetry reading and writing has become a therapy form for those with depression, anxiety, and many other mental illnesses. I look forward to seeing the content you publish here.

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